Our Story

 Who we are (aka blowing our cover)

   We are proudly American and women owned and operated, Spot is the cleaning superhero you’ve been waiting for!  Though we don’t actually wear capes (we have our funky vans to whoosh us around), you can count on us to make your load lighter and homes brighter - the only finger you need to lift, is the one on that dial button.

   Whether you’re a realtor, property developer, or just sparkling up your home for Super Bowl Sunday, our licensed and insured team will do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on the more important things - like getting your nacho on!  Just a phone call away, we're here to save the day... (cue awesome heroic music).  


  No need to pull a Carolyn Burnham DIY.  We have your back!  And by that, we mean deep clean like you’ve never seen.  With our privately developed, EPA certified, environmentally friendly, hospital grade disinfectants, we take the usual dust-mop-wipe routine to the next level.  (Or in our world, the next galaxy).  And while last-minute jobs are usually kryptonite to cleaning, we won’t crumble when you call – our high-end carpet cleaning equipment has a two-hour only drying time!   

  Builders and Developers:

  Let us take the pressure off with our pre-paint pressure wash.  Once your model home (or move-in ready home!) is an Antique-White marvel ready to flaunt, we’ll swoop in to add some welcoming cosmetic touches.  Because nothing says “home” like subtle fragrances, soft tissue paper and stylish jugs of fresh water.  (If we were mere mortals, we’d of course add a shooting star emoji right here).     


  Plain and simple.  Your family is safe in our hands - we have an Incident-free record!  Our friendly staff members are regularly screened for your protection.  So rest assured, all we’ll leave behind is a deep-cleaned, thoroughly disinfected home to enjoy with total peace of mind.  And because we care as much about your family as we do about our planet, all our products are completely environmentally friendly!  

   Still have questions?  Dying to see our product range? Check Out our Cleaning Services Tab.