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  • 'P' Stains/Odors

    Perfect for cleaning up nasty pet stains on upholstery, carpets, or hard floors. “P” stain and odor remover is a SAFE Enzyme cleaner. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray onto pet contaminated...
  • Blood Stain Remover

    Blood Stain Remover is specifically designed for the removal of heavy duty stains from clothing. Spot Attack Smart Pre-spotter removing blood, milk, food and all protein and albumin stains.     ...
  • Deep Cleaning

    deep cleaning
    From $500.00
  • Disinfectant

    Spot Attack's liquid quaternary ammonium based disinfectant cleaner, effectively cleans, disinfects and deodorizes hard surfaces bathrooms (tubs, toilets, and fixtures), floors counters and counter top laminates walls tables appliances metal...
  • Grass - Pitch - Turf

    Grass - Pitch - Turf Spot Attack's acidified formula safely and efficiently removes grass, pitch, turf, beverage and tannin stains. Stains in this group seldom respond to a neutral spotter and...
  • Ink and Dye Stain Remover

    KNOCKS OUT INK ON THE SPOT! Powerfully conquers a variety of ink and dye stains, including ballpoint, roller-ball, gel, fountain and felt-tip pens, markers (white board and permanent) and highlighters....
  • Inventory Homes

    Weekly Cleaning "fluff" inventory homes that collected dust and traffic stains 
  • Lipstick Stain Remover

    Our Lipstick Remover is specifically designed to help remove lipstick, light ink, perspiration, blood, shoe polish, PVA paint, light oils, and most food stains.                   ...
  • Maintain my home

    Thorough home cleaning on a regular basis: disinfectant deep clean kitchen surfaces and appliances, sanitize all bathrooms, sweep and mop floors  vacuum carpeted areas/rugs  make all beds, and empty garbage ...
    From $150.00
  • Model

    Full cleaning of model homes Weekly cleaning floors rooms office equipment furniture replace toiletries dispose of trash closets beds  inspection of lighting (replacing bulbs as needed) toilets exterior trash leaves...
  • Move-in Move-out

    move-in | move-out
    From $150.00
  • Move-in Ready

    Empty Home Cleaning floors removing debris mirrors glass report damage remove labels that are not permanent
    From $150.00
  • Nail Polish - Paint

    Our Smart Pre-Spotting  Nail Polish, Paint and Grease remover is also ideal to remove paint, oil, grease and wax.                             ...
  • Oil and Fat Stain Remover

    Our Smart Pre-Spotter oil and fat stain remover is designed to help remove oily fatty and greasy stains. Can be used in conjunction with our Smart Laundry Detergent.         ...
  • Photoshoot

    photo shoot cleaning
  • Post Construction / Deep Cleaning

    This is move in ready cleaning of: walls ceilings woodwork floors baseboards, moldings counters cabinets shelving kitchen bathrooms (tubs, showers, tiles, toilets) mirrors windows closets porches garages
    From $500.00
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